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• Marie Claire "Demain, tous flexitariens ? " 04/2017

• Food Morning #3 "L'innovation moteur du sans frontière " 04/2017

• LSA "Les aliments enrichis parient sur le naturel " 04/2017

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“Like being at the world’s biggest trade shows”

Trade show reports

Every year, XTC conducts a study of each of the world’s biggest trade shows:

> Foodex (Japan) in Tokyo for Asia

> Fancy Food Show (USA) for North America

> SIAL (France) or Anuga (Germany) for Europe

The resulting reports let you explore these trade shows as if you were there and to discover the world’s greatest food innovations as they happen. On request, XTC can also visit other major trade shows, such as SIAL in Shanghai or Montreal, Spain’s Alimentaria, and so on. Just ask, we’ll be there.

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Foodex Japan 2011 (from 1st to 4 th March)

Our Foodex 2011 trade show report contains the complete files of the greatest food Asian innovations selected by our local teams.
Format: electronic PDF file
Price: 1100 € (VAT excl.)
Option for a specific store check: please contact us



XTC database TM is the worldwide database of Innovative food products


Updated daily according to strict criteria, the database can be used anytime to find out about the latest innovations being offered to consumers the world over.

It allows users to conduct searches by cross-referenced criteria and keywords covering any and all areas of interest, be they R&D, marketing, packaging, design and so on.

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